Posted by Tricia Sharp
Fidalgo Island Rotary member and Youth Services Chair, Lynnette Setmire, recently went on vacation to Saguaro National Park located in Tucson Arizona. Her previously bad luck at catching fish changed when she scored this half pound Blue Gill in 100 degree weather near a teal green reservoir. The size of her proudly caught fish has nothing to do with her talent, shoe size or height, and she seems happy and proud in her photo. But that wasn't good enough for Larry Thomas...
Larry had to one-up Lynnette. He went out and caught his own 50 lb. salmon in 53 degree weather at 5 a.m., fighting the notorious Deception Pass current and the chilling splash of the Pacific Northwest waters. Larry is a retired wrestling coach and one of the strongest members of Fidalgo Island Rotary. His proud-catch has nothing to do with his talent (okay, thats not true), shoe size (well... he is wearing fishing boots) or height (I'm sure his height and strength has a little to do with pulling in that big of a fish... on a constantly unbalanced boat). But that does NOT mean the experience is any different.
Both are very proud and very happy with their accomplishments, and so our we, as their friends and Rotary family.
Have fun on your vacation Lynnette; we miss you!
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