Posted by David Sem
When Val and Dave Sem head south to Phoenix Arizona on holiday, they check out the local Saguaro cactus growing in the Sonoran Desert Preserve near their house. The warm weather, and dry temperatures motivate them to go hiking and start a vigorous workout regimen in the 100 degree weather. Dave personally, doesn't like his picture taken and usually avoids cameras, but for this one time- he gave us just a peak of his weight loss body...
As you can see, his shadow shows he's gained about 20% muscle mass and has lost about 50 lbs just in the seven days he been away. Wow! Even looks like he been doing squats to pump up those buttocks; all while holding his phone. So impressive!! Maybe he could do a program with Dr. Miller on metabolic proprioception exercises. 
This is what happens when you send the Marketing & PR Committee photos to with no information.  Their creative minds go wild, and they have access to Photoshop and create imaginative stories out of nothing. Would you like for them to do an imaginative story about something you've seen? Send your pictures through the Rotary email and you can be in our next eNewsletter.
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