Posted by Walt Guterbock

In twelve school graduation ceremonies this month, Thirty-one of the flag bearers were recipients of scholarships from San Lucas Toliman Scholars.  The FIRC International Committee and FIRC members sponsor 14 SLT scholars, and members of the Anacortes community sponsor others.


In all, we had a hundred and eighty students finish junior high, and some ninety five who finished high school. Some children here never go to grade school, and secondary school is optional. As I see so many students graduating I am so grateful. Truly, you have changed their lives forever.

Many children have problems with Math when they enter junior high. In September, we did a diagnostic test on sixth graders who we have promised to sponsor. Thanks to a benefactor, we were able to give vacation Math workshops to a hundred students, from fourteen different grade schools. Four teachers ran the workshops, which took place using classrooms in three different schools. I was so impressed with what the teachers were able to do, unhampered by large class sizes or bells ringing for time up. Feedback from the students was also very positive.


We just enrolled a hundred and eighty one students in seventh grade. They will start classes the second week in January 2020. Sixty four still need sponsors, and I am very grateful to those sponsors whose students have graduated, and who have accepted another student. And of course to those who have taken an extra student. 

I know how much SPAM you must be getting regarding "Black Friday" and "Giving Tuesday". But maybe someone reading this might be willing to sponsor one of the sixty four students. 

You can also help us if you use Amazon. They will give us half a percent of what you spend if you use Amazon Smile. You log in with the same password, the same products are offered, but you select "San Lucas Toliman Scholars" as the charity you want to benefit from this initiative. It costs you nothing, and we have benefited with hundreds of dollars over the last year. (We use the money to help with stamps and translation of letters)

During vacation, many students are involved in picking coffee. This links to an eighty second long video about the Coffee Harvest in San Lucas. 

Do have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and  THANK YOU  from all the students you help and have helped.

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