The Covid pandemic has not stopped our club from continuing to reach out to people in need. Our own Dr. Steve Miller has made two trips this year to Comayagua, Honduras this year to work at and through the San Benito Jose Medical Center where he has volunteered on six medical/surgical missions to date.

Last month he acquired and transported $8,500 worth of medical equipment for our Rural Mobile Health Clinic Project there (Global Grant #GG1988687) along with former club member Bryan Hennessy (now with the Ferndale Rotary Club).

We are approaching the end of the first year of this amazing project evaluating and delivering health care to the poorest of the poor in the mountain region. The project is now very active and making significant village relationships and producing results, as well as delivering primary health care and gathering important data from the 10 villages involved.

We are fortunate to have young, newly-graduated physicians volunteering to go out on the mobile clinic. We are planning to start training village health volunteers (Salud de Promodores) and will begin surveying the second 10 villages in 2022.

Donation received by local Rotarian and hospital staff

Doctor checks out cataract in home - patient was sent to hospital for eye surgery team & site restored


Dr. Steve donates cast cutter & equipment to Dr Pablo