On June 14, 2022 the following FIR members and Anacortes community members were presented with the Paul Harris Recognition.

The following FIR members were recognized for their monetary contributions to the Rotary Foundation as well as their service to FIR.   Every Rotarian should strive  to be a Paul Harris Fellow.  Each contribution  to the Rotary Foundation is a gift,  and an opportunity to do even more good in the world through the Rotary Foundation.

1. Madelyn Case (PH+2)
2. Daniel Conrady (PH+2)
3. Kim Kimmy (PH)
4. Carolyn Martin (PH+2)
5. Rachel Salazar Muntean (PH)
6. Kurt Nelson (PH+1)
7. Keith Treichel (PH)

The following 2 Anacortes community members received their first Paul Harris recognition.  They were recognized for their many contributions and service  to our community. 

1. Marilyn McIlmoyle (PH)
2. Shari Allison Muntean (PH)