Here is what can happen before Round 2 that will take place on Tuesday, March 31st.
Those whose purchased their name in Round 1 and moved on to Round 2 Congratulations. (6 men / 9 women)
For those who didn't feel lucky or didn't read the emails they can buy-in during Round 2 for $5. 
Here is a list those lucky members: (Those in bold have bought in for Round 2)
Phil C, David R, Brian T, Thomas W, William F, Chris L, Robert H, Peter M, Bill H, Charles Y
Jeannette P, Dianna J, Sarah D, Sally W, Madelyn C, Rachel M, Tricia S
If any of these members decides not to purchase their name, the following individuals who purchased their name in Round 1 will have the opportunity to purchase their position in the Bracket for the same $5.  Here is a list of those not so lucky members, but may have an opportunity during round 2:
Dave S, Norman V, Barry H, Mike T, Health T, David L, Mari L, Jan V, Patricia W
Round 2 (32) will be drawn on March 31st
Round 3 (16) will be drawn on April 7th
Rounds 4 (8),5 (4),6 (2) will happen on April 14th
As of Sunday we have made $71 for the Fun Club with 12 slots in the round of 32 available. (4 women division / 8 men division).
You have until noon on Tuesday, March 31 to enter for the 2nd Round by sending an email to
or a text message to 360-540-0701.