Men's Division                         
Phil Case  vs Steve Rutz 
Kurt Nelson vs Richard Curtis     
Women's Division
Patricia Winkler vs Jean Groesbck
Madelyn Case vs Barbara Hoenselaar
Again I would like thank Anna C for helping with the very random drawing for the Sweet 16 Round.  I also want to thank all those Fun Club members who have been participating in the Bracket.  We have raised $123 for the Club.  I have attached the correct document this week with the results. 
One Last Chance to Buy-In !!
It seems that I have been able to win each round with a Queen (Really its been random). Therefore I would like to hold a silent auction for my spot in the Elite Eight. If you want to buy my spot in the Elite Eight send me an email with the amount you are willing to pay.  Again all proceeds will be going to the club foundation.
I will be awarding prizes to the Final Four as follows:
3rd and 4th place prizes will ~ $15
Runner Up prize will ~ $30
Champion prize will ~$60
I will be getting each something based on the University, College, or Pro Sports Team the Elite Eight will be representing.
At time to be determined we will hold the Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship rounds live via ZOOM.  The format will be a game of WAR with each participant randomly arranging playing card from two to ace (13 cards). Everyone will be invited to watch.  The time for the final matches will come down to when I'm able to make contact with all the Elite Eight Individuals. 
Your Bracketologist,