In mid-March, Fidalgo Island Rotary made the difficult decision to cancel its meetings for the foreseeable future do to health concerns. While it was absolutely the right call, Rotarians are starting to get antsy cooped up in their homes. We're used to our weekly dose of laughter and silliness! We're missing delicious breakfasts from our Breakfast Committee, and Bill French's groan-inducing Quip of the Day. We're wondering what Larry's up to, since he can't watch his grandkids rock it at their respective sports. We want to catch up and hear all about Angie's travels, and Kim's latest bucket list item. Heck, we'd even take a verbal jab from Chris Frost, if it meant we could be back at The FUN Club! 
But alas, it's not meant to be right now, as we're all safely social distancing. Nevertheless, Rotarians are making the most of our time apart! For instance, after the Artists on the Edge Auction was postponed, the Martins decided to host their own Dessert Dash, since Carolyn already had all the ingredients to make a delicious cake. Luckily, Peter was the winner of this sweet treat! (Although, we're not sure how quickly he had to dash, since he was probably the only participant...)
How are you making the most of your time social distancing? Take up a new hobby? Go for a beautiful walk on one of our lovely trails? Teach your cat how to 'shake'? Send a photo or story to!