Container to Burkina Faso - AID for CORVID-19
We have been discussing the Coronavirus CORVID-19 pandemic and it looks like it is on the threshold of Burkina Faso. As of today, the World Health Organization reported 114 confirmed cases and 3 deaths in Burkina Faso. I am sure there are already many more people infected because the statistics are only those confirmed by testing - and how available in Burkina Faso right now?
So, we looked over the manifest inventory for the container you just received and there are a lot of Personal Protection Equipment items in there and more. We sent as much extra as we could, in order to fill the container. This might be a tremendous bonus to you and your country.
The boxes in the container are numbered and you will find the contents of each box in the inventory list. There are many masks (most important for COVID-19), some gowns, lots of gloves, as well as antiseptics (Betadine, povidone iodine, Hibiclens, etc.), cotton-tipped applicators (for taking swab samples for testing) and oxygen tubing plus masks. And much more.
Using the box numbers, you should be able to locate needed items quickly for distribution to hospitals and clinics.
New York City would be envious of this supply.
You need to get masks and gloves out to hospitals and clinics to protect your health care workers especially - many are getting infected in Spain and Italy (and China) - and many are dying.
I only wish we could be there with you to help your Rotary club sort and distribute these life-saving items.
Walt and I will make a video-story of this project soon (when we can be in the same room together) and send it to you.
Stay well,
Steve Miller
Fidalgo Island Rotary Club
See Response:
Hello Steve,
This is excellent news and very beneficial. I copy our friend from Club and Past President Jean Lankoandé who is a Doctor and who will be able to distinguish this material. It is surely that the need is there now and this material is welcome. We will take stock with friend Jean and get back to you. Thank you for this precious help.
Best regards
Rodrigue BAZIE