Have you ever been a part of a community that LITERALLY comes together for the greater good? Every year Fidalgo Island Rotary offers FREE Kids Boat Building at the Anacortes Waterfront Festival hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. 
The wood is donated by our local Sierra Pacific wood supplier. Bandsaws and wood shop for production was done out at the LaConner High School. Sails are bought and cut by our Rotary members. Nails, string and glue are offered at a discount from Sebos Henery Hardware. And what do you do when you need LOTS of wine corks to help decorate those boats?  You ask the community, and they deliver every time! Three years worth of corks was donated this year by the local community. Other than Compass Wines and Union Tavern, local community residents donated their wine corks so the kids could decorate their boats with their family.  It's always heart-warming to see parents and grandparents build boats together and watch as the dad takes over and make the coolest boats. (Insert giggle here.). Some kids have boats from previous years and start to rack up a whole armada.
If you are interested in volunteering and doing FUN community projects like this, feel free to contact us to be on our Friends of Rotary mailing list or contact us at FIR.theFUNclub@gmail.com