Sadly we are witnessing a tragic and devastating invasion/destruction of another country, resulting in massive displacement, injury and death to an innocent civilian population. The injustice is unspeakable. Humanitarian action through service to others is a hallmark of Rotarians.

So, our club has elected to donate the last $3,000 of the International Service Committee budget to the English-speaking Rotary Club of Warszawa Wilanów in Warsaw, Poland so they can purchase relief supplies and truck them to Ukraine. They are working in concert with the Rotary Club Lwiw International in Ukraine who are distributing most of the goods and supplies to local hospitals for treating civilians and soldiers. A portion of the goods purchased with our funding are going to serve the needs of the refugees who have crossed into Poland.

In addition, with the help of the Rotary-sponsored Medical Supply Network International, we have acquired a donation of about 14,000 new and warm white fleece blankets which we are shipping in a container to Poland for transport to the Ukrainian refugees in and out of Ukraine. MSNI is loading the blankets on pallets into the shipping container and arranging the shipping. Our club is using donations to fund the cost of the shipping to Poland and the trucking for distribution to the refugees.

We hope these small gestures will bring some relief to many displaced and injured people.

If you would like to donate to our Ukraine Relief Fund, please click Donate here  and remember to indicate that your donation is for the Ukraine Relief Fund. 

Steve Miller, Tom Walters
International Service Committee