January is a month of celebration: A fresh start on New Year's Day, honoring Fidalgo Island Rotary's founding with our annual Charter Night, and of course, the birth of some of our favorite Rotarians! This past week, we celebrated four such fabulous people with a party at our morning meeting (shout out to birthday gal Kandy for the party decor and cake!) We celebrated Rachel, born Jan. 13, Kandy, Jan. 21, Jeannette, Jan. 24, and Madelyn, Jan. 28. However, Rachel and Kandy's birthday celebrations were a little extra special this year! Click to read more about these amazing ladies. 
Our Jan. 21 regular Rotary meeting just happened to be a special day for Kandy - it was her actual birthday! We'll leave it up to Kandy's cake to tell you what milestone year she's celebrating, but let's just say it's the 49th anniversary of her 21st birthday. Kandy is an absolute spitfire; just last year, she went indoor skydiving in Seattle! We have no doubt she's going to make this year one to remember as well! 
Rachel, one of our newest members, has already had a milestone year. In December 2018, she opened her own business, Trinity Skate Shop, in downtown Anacortes and last fall, she got married. But last week, she took the award for youngest birthday celebrated by a Fidalgo Island Rotary member: On Jan. 13, Rachel rang in her 21st birthday! (We're just speculating here, but that might be why she didn't make it to our 7 a.m. meeting on Jan. 14...) 
Next time you see Kandy and Rachel, wish them happy milestone birthdays, and feel free to offer to buy them a (now totally legal) birthday drink. Happy birthday to two fabulous Rotarians!