Troop 4911 holds there Winter Court of Honor
On Tuesday, January 25th Troop 4911 Honored the Scouts with the awards they had earned over the past three months.
Here is the list of accomplishments by the Scouts:
Merit Badges Earned:
Camping - Anthony
First Aid - Liam
Cooking - Anthony
Cycling - Anthony, Adam, Caleb, Liam, Tristyn
Electricity - Caleb
Fly Fishing - Andrew
Mammal Study - Liam
Soil & Water - Liam
Rank Advancement:
Tenderfoot - Adam  
Star -Anthony & Liam
Life - Tristyn
Special Awards Earned:
The Cyber Chip- is a BSA award initiated to help educate youth about today's increasingly technology prevalent world, and most importantly how to stay safe within it. The Cyber Chip is required for the Star Scout rank and the Programming Merit Badge.
Adam, Andrew, Anthony, Caleb, Liam, Tristyn, Daniel, Emerson
    The Totin' Chip- is an award in Scouts BSA that shows a Scout understands and agrees to certain principles of using different tools with blades. It can be physically represented by a patch or a small paper card. With this, a Scout has the right to carry and use woods tools.
    The Firem’n Chit- Certification grants a Scout the right to carry matches and build campfires. Scouts must show their Scout leader, or someone designated by their leader, that they understand their responsibility to do the eight requirements.
       The BSA Complete Angler Recognition- honors Scouts who earn all three fishing-related merit badges: Fishing, Fly-Fishing, and Fish and Wildlife Management. Worn on the right pocket of any BSA uniform or on back of sash.
The Silver Eagle Palm- is for Eagle Scouts who have earned 15 additional merit badges beyond those required for Eagle Scout rank. It is to be worn on the ribbon of the Eagle Scout medal, on the Eagle Scout square knot or on the Eagle Scout badge.
The National Outdoor Awards Achievement Gold Device- The six National Outdoor Awards badges recognize a Scout who demonstrates knowledge and experience in camping, aquatics, conservation, hiking, riding, or adventure.                                                                                                                              
For Camping - Tristyn
50th Anniversary Environmental Protection Agency Award- The Environmental Protection Agency, as part of a public awareness campaign to celebrate its first 50 years, has partnered with the Boy Scouts of America to create an award for members of troops. This new award will recognize youth who research and learn about the subjects of human health and the environment, as the EPA develops its vision for the next 50 years.
Caleb, Liam