Here are the results from the LIV Super Bowl Raffle based on the score from the game between the Kansas Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.
The game started off with San Francisco scoring a field goal (0-3) landing on Dave Latimer's Square. Kansas City answered with a touchdown (7-3) landing on Chris Frost's Square. That's the way the 1st quarter ended with Christ pocketing $15.
In the 2nd quarter Kansas City made a field goal (10-3) falling back on Dave Latimer's Square followed by a touchdown by San Francisco tying the score at (10-10) landing on Lynnette Setmire Square.  That's the way the 1st half ended with Lynnette receiving the $20.
The 3rd quarter belonged to San Francisco won scored a field goal (10-13) landing back on Dave Latimer's square but following that with a touchdown (10-20) returning back to Lynnette Setmire who walked away with along $15.
The final quarter was all Kansas City who scored three touchdowns. (17-20) landing on Sally Wirtzfeld's square, (24-20) landing on Charles Yousling's square, and the final score of 31-20 landing on Kurt Nelson's square who ended up taking home $50.
The raffle brought in $100 for the Rotary Foundation.  Thanks for everyone who participated.